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Facilitating a Design Stakeholder Interview

The topic might be immersion, it may be a customer interview, or facilitating a group workshop session. Having done literally hundreds of these over the course of my career I’ve carved out a framework for this that I think works very well. Break the ice Ask a seemingly off topic question serves no other purpose […]

Some random shots

Some random shots over the course of the last year, as I said, more personal work needs to go here. The first is some ad-hoc shooting for a floral gig my wife did last fall. I thought this shot in particular spoke to the event’s creative parameters and embodied the mood of her work very […]

Why Pursue a Career at a Digital Agency?

That was exactly the question posed to me when I was asked to contribute to the recently released Get a Job Workshop. Creative Careers; How to Find your Way to a Creative Career in Advertising, Branding, Collateral, Digital, Experimental and More. I don’t really think of myself as a very active writer, as evinced by […]

On the Passing of Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis and what he meant to me. I was incredibly saddened last week to receive an email from a friend of mine letting me know that Hillman passed away on April 18, 2012. I hadn’t spoken to Hillman for a few years, so news of his passing came as a shock to me. During […]

New Site, Moved from Textpattern to WordPress

I’ll make this quick, I’ve been at this a while and I’m tired as shit right now. As you can tell, I redesigned the site, I took the opportunity to replatform from Textpattern to WordPress. I loved Textpattern when I started using it, and it served me really well. There’s a part of me that […]

I’ve Joined Gorilla Chicago

I am pleased to announce I’ve decided to join Gorilla Chicago as part of their design team. It’s been fun getting back into the consulting end of things, and I’ll continue to do some gigs on a limited basis, but working with the team at Gorilla over the past seven weeks has proven to me it’s a great fit.

Willi Kunz

By today’s standards the work can seem a little stodgy, but Willi Kunz has always stood out as an absolute master of visual space. I will never forget my grad school roommate accidentally introducing one of his books to me. Any design student of any Design discipline can take something from these. There are a […]