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Facilitating a Design Stakeholder Interview

The topic might be immersion, it may be a customer interview, or facilitating a group workshop session. Having done literally hundreds of these over the course of my career I’ve carved out a framework for this that I think works very well. Break the ice Ask a seemingly off topic question serves no other purpose […]

Why Pursue a Career at a Digital Agency?

That was exactly the question posed to me when I was asked to contribute to the recently released Get a Job Workshop. Creative Careers; How to Find your Way to a Creative Career in Advertising, Branding, Collateral, Digital, Experimental and More. I don’t really think of myself as a very active writer, as evinced by […]

Practical CSS for Beginners

The web is littered with how-to tutorials so this isn’t one of them. I’ve spent a fair amount of time doing front-end dev work and have gained a reputation as the CSS “fixer” – the dude they call when other options have been exhausted. If you want a tutorial go “visit w3schools”: or read the “Eric Meyer’s O’Reilly guide”: – read them slowly.