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New Site, Moved from Textpattern to WordPress

I’ll make this quick, I’ve been at this a while and I’m tired as shit right now. As you can tell, I redesigned the site, I took the opportunity to replatform from Textpattern to WordPress. I loved Textpattern when I started using it, and it served me really well. There’s a part of me that […]

Android Phones Will Spark Wireless Wars

O.K. If you want to go on pure market share, the “Crackberry” people will tell me to go screw. But until recently, the iPhone was really the only viable platform for delivering a great mobile computing experience. All points about lack of Flash support aside, it was really the only thing going. I’ve always maintained that Blackberry is a total disaster – and after trying to help a family member figure out how to use their Tour it’s no better. The Blackberry OS is utterly unusable. Unless something big happens, the Blackberry’s days are numbered.

Updated Simple Google Maps Locator

Every once in while, the cheap route does just fine. I’m not one to accept parity, but sometimes you have to embrace the path of least resistance.

I just finished up a very short task with a non-profit client who was interested in some type of city/state/zipcode locator. Orgs in the non-profit sector are always concerned with the bottom line, and although that can be frustrating at times, in this case it seemed to have worked out.

The Real Wii Value

I was once a huge consumer of video games. Not as much as I used to be, but I do find some time every now and then. Admittedly I’m a little late throwing myself onto the Wii bandwagon – but I have to say it’s got to be the most innovative gaming platform to date.