Outdoor Research Foray Jacket


Outdoor Research is a past client of mine, and I am well aware of the attention to detail that goes into the product, so when my old rain shell rotted away I decided to drop some coin for the sake of a client.

Boy was I glad I did.

I knew it before I bought it, but I cannot understate just how user focused this jacket is. Absolutely every design detail is considered for the sake of real world use. Seams are absolutely bulletproof and the detail that sold me was…the zipper pulls.

Yes. A detail as seemingly small and innocuous as zipper pulls is what put this over the edge. The shape is perfectly curved to meet the finger, and the insane texture is perfectly crafted to grip with the skin – or a glove, or anything else you might wear.

Why is this such a big deal? Because it would have been easy, and probably more cost-effective for OR to just source some standard issue pulls and call it a day. They didn’t. Not only that – it’s a frequently used part of the jacket. Literally every single time I adjust something I’m reminded just how much went into this product. Now that is effective branding.

I could have bought something else but I can safely say when it comes to performance based outerwear, OR will be my standard from here on out.