Panini Authentic





Panini Authentic is the signed memorabilia division of Panini America. This site was done as an extension of the Panini brand, creating a unique experience for a product that was to demand a considerably higher price point than standard sports memorabilia.

The concept behind the authentic line is that Panini becomes the official provider of authentic signed artifacts for a given athlete. This plays an important role in not only the sourcing and verification of material, but also control of that athletes product distribution. This means a Panini athlete will always be seeding just the right amount of product to keep their brand at its peak.


Panini came to Gorilla with some package assets in hand, as well as rights to a great deal of photography. It was our job to craft and experience and user interface that was both meaningful in the sports market, but indicative of a high-end brand.

In addition to the aesthetic design concerns, Gorilla was tasked with answering key questions around user experience and their business: namely, how can technology allow people to have a personal article of their own signed by a Panini athlete?


The result is an interface with just the right balance of modern day sensationalism, fused with a slight emphasis on heritage. This is a product that is an investment and as such a slightly nostalgic feeling is evoked.

As a result of the user experience challenges posed, Gorilla assisted in fleshing out two key programs for the site: Hologram Lookup allows users to verify a unique serial for each Panini Authentic product, and the Submit Your Own path allows users to send in their own artifact to be signed by a sponsored athlete.