Shure Blog




Shure developed multiple content channels over the course of many years, some via web publication, some via email. They came to us to not only redefine the experience, but help with a strategy to take antiquated delivery methods into a more coherent publication stream. An in depth discovery resulted in a triple stream blog, with one channel centered on artists relations, one on technical notes and the third on general corporate news.

We’ve had a very successful relationship with the folks at Shure, and they’ve truly been a fantastic client to work with. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with them in the truest sense on their corporate blog relaunch.

Multiple publication channels, multiple authors, some publications having years of legacy material all played a part in the content strategy.

What started as a project mostly around basic interface design and content strategy quickly grew into a full scale collaboration between Gorilla’s designers, Shure’s web group and their in-house content development team.

The Shure blog project was named to HOW Magazine’s 14th interactive annual, as well as taking Honoree for the the 17th annual Webby Awards.