Sideshow Creative


In the fall of 2003 Sideshow Creative was undergoing a comprehensive reorganization that included hiring key executives, additional offices, a fancy new identity courtesy of Stefan Sagmeister, and of course a new website.

Video playing a large part of the site was obvious being a full service production house, but they also wanted to embrace some of their methodology into the way people interacted on their site.

The result was a tree based navigation scheme that emulated some of the tools that their video editors were using on a daily basis.

In addition to flash based interface development, the site also called for a collection of interstitial videos to accompany key user actions. The direction that was chosen was one that blended stop motion and live motion techniques both as a stylistic decision, but also a way to conserve bandwidth to 2003 standards.

The SideShow site received a Communication Arts Award of Excellence and appeared in the tenth Interactive Annual