Some random shots


Some random shots over the course of the last year, as I said, more personal work needs to go here.

The first is some ad-hoc shooting for a floral gig my wife did last fall. I thought this shot in particular spoke to the event’s creative parameters and embodied the mood of her work very well. I also thought it was a great shot considering it was taken with a crappy Olypmus on our back deck.

The next two I need to credit my wife, as she’s the photographer on those two, but the art director in me couldn’t let these two go. I can’t resist images with a built-in narrative.

The first is a shot of a great aunt with our children, I love the juxtaposition of the very youthful with the old, and it’s all of people very near to my heart.

The last is a shot of my son, Adrian, taken summer of 2012. I love all the textures colliding, the super rich colors, and dynamic lines. Not to mention the burst fire hydrant captures his rambunctious personality more perfectly than I could have ever planned.