Hi, my name is Ethan. I lead the product design, service design and design systems group at Blue Owl. We're working on bringing HiRoad to life.

Before I was busy with HiRoad, I spent time as a design leader at Expedia Group. I also launched and scaled the Gorilla Group design and content practice. I’m a long standing member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) as well as the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). I am currently an associate member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences where I serve as a panelist judge for the Webby Awards.

Chicago is home along with my family and our two dogs. If you'd like to find out more about me please drop me a line. Consultations are available on a selective basis.

You might have some questions...

You scaled down on the portfolio - why?

I cut back because my focus has been almost exclusively design management for the last ten years. I am incredibly proud of much of the work that's in there, but I've been focusing as much on management consulting and organizational development as I have design delivery. These days the design organization is my work just as much as the output. You can look at some highlights of my work, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

What switch the focus to management?

Frankly, I realized that not all great creatives are fit to lead. End of story. I found early on in my career that management was something I had a talent for. Helping people realize their full potential has become one of my greatest passions. Many of my direct understudies have become leaders in their own right within enterprise companies, large agencies, big four consulting firms, successful startups and the federal government.

What excites you about design today?

Two things. First - design is finally starting to come into it's own as a strategic force. Being successful in the design leadership field means having a nose for business and a keen eye. Second - the technology is changing so quickly that the field ahead of design can only be described as undefined.

What excites you about design tomorrow?

New business models and new technologies are emerging so rapidly that design will be almost unrecognizable in ten years. Artificial intelligence as a medium, embedded systems and proximity based manufacturing are a few trends - among many - that will have dramatic impacts on design processes and solutions in the coming decades.

Do you follow a particular set of design methods?

Design Thinking, Double Diamond, Google Design Sprints, Agile, Waterfall... I've used all of it and what I can say is the most evolved and mature teams are able to define the ways they need to work based on the problem spaces that are in front of them. I prefer the best tool for the job. Getting a team to a place that is that evolved is incredibly rare.