Android Phones Will Spark Wireless Wars

O.K. If you want to go on pure market share, the “Crackberry” people will tell me to go screw. But until recently, the iPhone was really the only viable platform for delivering a great mobile computing experience. All points about lack of Flash support aside, it was really the only thing going. I’ve always maintained that Blackberry is a total disaster – and after trying to help a family member figure out how to use their Tour it’s no better. The Blackberry OS is utterly unusable. Unless something big happens, the Blackberry’s days are numbered.

I’m an Apple user, but the closed nature of their philosophy detracts from the experience. That’s precisely the reason that the much hyped Droid launch has me pretty excited. I’m not huge on Motorola, they’ve done well enough in the past, my real excitement is centered around devices deployed with Google Android. Sure there have been others, but this is easily the most hyped to date.

The community based development of Android is really going to put the heat on Apple to keep up eventually. I was a Safari evangelist when it first came out of Beta, but frankly, with the extensions Firefox offers Safari is weak by comparison.

Who knows how this will all shake out, but the handheld wars are here for sure. Things are going to get very competitive in a hurry, and for those crafting mobile experiences, it’s going to get a little crazy.

The competition will be a great thing, although there will no doubt be some growing pains. We were all using Razrs a scant five years ago. In another five everything on the market today will look foolish.

To credit Apple, they’re still way ahead, and no doubt have some very slick moves on the way. I’m just glad to see some viable competitors rising to the challenge, it’s good for everyone.