New Site, Moved from Textpattern to WordPress

I’ll make this quick, I’ve been at this a while and I’m tired as shit right now.

As you can tell, I redesigned the site, I took the opportunity to replatform from Textpattern to WordPress. I loved Textpattern when I started using it, and it served me really well. There’s a part of me that will always love it’s spartan approach, something WordPress certainly is not.

That said, I’ve moved away from the technical side of things over the years. I needed a platform that was going to support my needs and not force me to do a lot of what TXP required.

Some Thoughts on the Whole Process

Migration was easy at first, but the finer points of getting all of my legacy content squared away was a real pain considering I don’t post all that much. No surprise there, it was what I expected and I’m sure I’ll be mopping up to that end for weeks.

As a platform, WP has come a long way. It’s far more advanced than what I remember, and not having to do a ton of apache config work was a real plus, I just don’t have the energy for that anymore.

I wanted a platform to showcase the creative work, that was really my impetus for the switch. Posting in TXP was a bit of pain, so I went with Allan Cole’s Autofocus Theme as the backbone for the site. It’s still in need of a fair amount of customization to fit my needs, but it’s a good start. Allan does awesome work and at $25 the pro version is an absolute steal. Every single time I thought of ripping the theme open and customizing the crap out of it Allan had thought of some feature that got the basics in place. Cheers man, if we ever meet, I’m buying some beers.

One thing I will mention, is I will dearly miss the supportive and very resourceful TXP community. Having prowling WP forums for answers for six weeks now I can say I wish the same caliber of people were on WP, just not true. I’ll miss you guys. WP is awesome, I’m happy and super impressed, but I’ll always love the stripped down scrappy nature of TXP.

A Note on SEO

Some of you may be coming to the site via 404 since I relaunched. Yes I realize it’s best practice to have the SEO equity transitioned to the new site. I didn’t have that much anyway, and it’s a pretty small site, didn’t feel it was worth the effort. Google will pick it up in due time. SEO was never the objective anyway.